Marble Glass Coffee Table – A Totally Unique Look

A marble glass coffee table can come in different designs and styles but basically the base of the table is made from marble with a glass top. This kind of coffee table is rare and can be expensive. The upside is that it also means that it is unique and likely no one else in your neighborhood will own one.

They are beautiful and not only that, it brings class to your home as well. It is durable and you can even hand that to your grandchildren when they grow up. This kind of table fits into any kind of decors you have in your house. Any marble is gorgeous piece of furniture and for sure it will last forever.

One thing one should know regarding marble is that, it is not easy to maintain since it easily scratch and stains sticks on it not unless stone are sealed. Usually if the marble are not sealed, stain sticks and it is hard to clean.

Maintaining this kind of coffee table, is that you have to sealed yearly then polish it frequently as possible to maintain the good looks of the marble. By polishing it, it protects and removes scratches. So sharp things are not good to place on this type of table not unless if there is glass on the top.

One reason why some place glass on the top of their marble coffee table is to protect it from scratches and stains. Even if the base of your table is marble, still you need to maintain it.

If in case the marble had a stain and cannot be removed by cleaning, have it resurfaces again and get off the stain and after resurfacing, have it polished again and this can be done professionally. More cost and hard time to maintain. marble coffee table

So it is so necessary to place some glass on top of the marble table to avoid expensive cost and maintenance. Although satin cannot ruin the marble coffee table but it is messy to look at it and lost the beauty of the marble. To avoid stain in the marble coffee table, never put any sticky, wet, and hot or cold drinks on the marble but instead put it in a coaster or doily underneath before putting it onto the table.

Having a glass on the top of your table adds elegance to it. Aside from that, it also protects your marble coffee table from scratches and stains so no need for a costly maintenance. You can place any color of glass on top of your marble and if you want to see the color of the marble, then have the clear glass instead not the color glass.

Same with other coffee table, it has different shape but the common one was round and rectangular. Other people called it an ancient table since some of the designs look ancient. There are also marble tables with a wooden with etching designed base and it looks like an antique.

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